A little bit about me

Made in San Francisco, but I grew up moving around the U.S. and even Panama. By the age of seven, I found my home back in the Bay and now reside in the beautifully rugged Mission District. 

The variety of homes has given me a positive relationship with change because that was all I could depend on. I live by the concept that with change as the only constant, the best option is to learn from it with the utmost enthusiasm. Professionally, I applied that same idea when I took the leap from civil engineering to design. It may have been scary to make such a drastic change, but I saw it as the perfect combination of my pragmatic mind and artistic itch. 

Also, I love making things! Check out this Asteroids Game or these Framer prototypes, button loader, logo hover states. As well as my photography, take a look at my latest projects.

Want to chat?

Ask me out for coffee or tea, and you have my attention 😁, let's chat and share something worthwhile 👉 email.

I also dabble in sourdough 🥖

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