Hive: Design better together

Hive is SAP's annual UX event where dozens of designers, thought leaders, developers, and brand evangelists gather to share and spread insights from their experiences. For 2016, the focus was solely on immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and internet of things.

For this project I had to take the current HIVE brand system and emulate it onto a website with animation. The feeling I'm conveying reflects a futuristic style with heavy depth to represent the immersion of the event. You can see a deeper overview of the event here.


This was our finalized moodboard for the event, which set the anchor for the emotion we wanted to envoke. All our visuals were derived from a futuristic, immersive, and dramatic standpoint.


This was the first animation I created for the hero of the website, using the moodboard for inspiration, I wanted to create something with perceived depth. The final one you already saw at the top of this page, but in the further iterations I experimented with other objects. Eventually arriving to the event name, HIVE elevate in space, abstracting the idea of producing, which is to lead forward.