Experience Design
Motion Graphics

SB Host Committee
Britelite Immersive

2015 – 2016

Super Bowl City SF | Fan Wall Animations

With over 1 million people visiting the greatly anticipated Super Bowl City, we created four video animations for the Fan Energy Zone's 50ft. panel screen in San Francisco at Justin Herman Plaza. 

The event celebrates the Bay Area’s leadership in technology with the latest in interactive gaming, social media and data visualizations. Using the Super Bowl City branding and working with e2k + Britelite, we created welcome and thank you messages for fans to engage them towards the Fan Energy Zone activities.


Super Bowl City Welcome

With over 1.9 million visitors that came through Super Bowl City (SBC) there needed to be a way to say hello to them. The SBC welcome created excitement for the upcoming game as well as reflect and pay honor to the past Super Bowl’s. The welcome also served to orient fans as to where they were and the many attractions that they could visit while they were at the event.

This is our initial sketch of the count up for the 50 Super Bowls.

Fan Energy Zone Welcome

The main attraction sponsored by SAP was the Fan Energy Zone (FEZ), where immersive games were stationed, created by Britelite Immersive. These football themed games used the latest technology in motion capture and virtual reality. The animation helped build hype around the games as well as inform visitors what they were and the prizes they could win from being a top player.

We used Britelite's game, Breakaway, as inspiration for the video.

Two-Minute Warning 

Winding down the night on a grand note, we created an animation to thank the visitors for participating in the day’s events at Super Bowl City. Paying homage to the Bay Area’s vast mix of cultures, we used the top 16 most spoken languages to thank the visitors. We themed the video after the two-minute warning when a football game nearing it's end.

The image on the right is a sketch of our initial Goodbye/Thank You countdown concept.

Screensaver: Super Bowl City Closed

There's an hour or two of prep before Super Bowl City (SBC) opens up and similar to when SBC closes. Given this extra time, we proposed to have a looping screensaver where any passer-by can have something fun to see.

Whether they are waiting to enter or leaving the area once it's closed, it was an opportunity to drive more excitement for the Fan Energy Zone.

This was our final sketch of the screensaver.

Key Takeaways

The project was an exciting experience but also a challenge. It forced us out of our comfort zone to learn new animation tools and rethink how we design motion graphics at scale, since we typically design for desktop and mobile, not 50-foot screens 😂.