TrueRec: Empowering Individuals to Take Ownership of Their Identity

My design team at SAP,, partnered with SAP’s Innovation Center Network to design TrueRec, a proof-of-concept for a new identity verification Blockchain network that connects consumers, universities, and employers.

We wanted to explore how we could eliminate the need for third-party background checks by digitally certifying your degrees with your universities and past employment with employers, so that individuals can feel empowered to control their own identity (and employers can feel safe knowing that your employment and education histories are accurate).

Above: Our goals for this one week design sprint

Right: We explored inspiration specifically in verification flows

Our Process
The idea was simple. Allow individuals to take ownership of their identity and give employers a simple and efficient way to verify applicants’ background information. The scope of our work was to define, prototype and test a proof-of-concept in 3 weeks. Since our timeline was short, we implemented Google’s 5-day design sprint methodology to jumpstart the project.

We envisioned an ecosystem comprised of 3 distinct personas:

  • Job Applicants
  • Verifiers (hiring company)
  • Issuers (universities/past employers)

For our first 5-day design sprint, we focused on the applicant. We wanted to test how easily individuals could store their employment history, college degrees and identity as a digital fingerprint in Blockchain.

I worked on the creation of our storyboard to visualize our persona's interactions with people, technology, and processes. Then I created a prototype using Sketch to design our screens and InVision + Tumult Hype 3 to prototype and test with people who were actively seeking jobs or recently employed. 

Exploration Sketches
From what we gathered from verification, we started to explore different ideas, and generated a few directions from crazy 8 sketching. Once our ideas were more cohesive, we then went on to vote on which directions to continue our efforts in.

Final Storyboard
On the fifth day of our design sprint, we began testing our user on-boarding for the TrueRec network. I planned our user research to have our participants create a profile and send out requests to their universities and past employers to verify their presence with the institution.

Conducting Research
We mocked these interactions with staged phone calls and emails from a HR representative of their prospective employer. I moderated each session and we utilized to live stream our user's facial expressions and screen interactions.

Design & Prototype
After completing research and synthesis, we went back and designed the user flows for both the issuer, universities, past employers, and verifiers, human resource individuals. This was our final commitment to the Innovation Center Network team. Since then, they've taken our initial work and developed an Alpha to test verifying certificates within the SAP's Success Factors network. 

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Final Thoughts
After five short and intense days, we completed a working prototype of the entire flow of the TrueRec ecosystem. TrueRec became one of SAP’s first blockchain applications allowing users to maintain ownership of their information, easily prove the legitimacy of their credentials, collect them in one central location and securely share them with anyone, at anytime.