Project Type
Product Design

Food is Culture

Cultura [kul-chur-ah / kool-too´-rah] is a mobile app that creates a variable list of different dishes based on the user’s food preferences and location. In our day-to-day lives, we often rely on our smartphones to help us to make decisions quickly and efficiently. However, this advantage comes with limitations, especially when the person is contemplating where to eat.

How do you solve people's indecisiveness when picking a place to go eat? Cultura solves it by giving you three full screen dish options so you know exactly what you're getting and not a 40+ list of restaurants.


I worked on this project with two other classmates, Kai and Marcos. We organized our workflow by first creating the different user flows together in sketches, then splitting up the work to create wireframes. Once we tested these designs as seen below, we refined them to what is seen in the click through prototype. 

Various sketches from our brainstorming sessions after we created our userflows. 

We created remote study sessions that was sent out to over 60 participants for testing with specific questions, AB and click tests. You can see a few results up top.